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Booties to go with the sweater

Baby stuff knits up really quickly (thank goodness).



New t-shirt

I got a new t-shirt this week. I love it. Got it from Snorg Tees. Lady G and I can spend hours flipping through their website and laughing.


I've also been baby knitting this week. Two people I know are having or have had little girls recently. Both are going to be named Charlotte Elizabeth and called Charlie. I guess that may be the new name this year.


I especially like the frog buttons.



I am a knitting fool

I cannot stop. Finish one project and it's right on to the next. Two sweaters in two months, and now a pair of socks finished up and half of another sock knitted!

But I cheated on the socks. I had knit one sock seven years ago, then got bored and set it aside. Finally came back and finished the second sock. My gauge has changed pretty dramatically in seven years. But the socks are pretty...pattern is Vog On from Knitty.com. Toe up version.


And now I'm making Red Dwarf socks. Worsted weight, so they knit up in a jiffy. I did this much in one day. A workday, no less.


Knitting update

I love my new sweater. Pattern is Worsted Boxy by Joji Locatelli. Yarn is Handmaiden Silk Maiden and Malabrigo Merino Worsted. I will make this pattern again, for sure. Probably in linen or cotton for summer, and another wool or silk version for winter.

And I started the second sock of a pair I started seven years ago. I finished one sock then, and just put it away. Out of sight, out of mind. For seven years. But they're pretty, and I always need pretty socks, so I'm making the second one now. I love this wooden yarn basket too. Handmade by a woman in East Texas. Found it on Etsy.


So cool

I got a kalimba this evening. An African thumb piano. Except this one's tuned in a G major scale. It's so cool. I picked out Joy to the World almost immediately and think I've pretty much got O Come All Ye Faithful and The First Noel figured out too. The tone is warm and beautiful and it rings. It'll take me a little while to learn the nuances of using the thumb holes for vibrato, but it'll be fun to learn.


A scarf for me, I think

Although it would probably look better on L. He already has two handmade ones though, and I have one. And it's silk, not wool. So I'll keep this one for now. It's squishy and exceptionally warm. The yarn is alpaca -- Berrocco Ultra Alpaca. A little itchy, but a beautiful deep eggplant color.


Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you are all enjoying your day. I'm hosting the meal today. Just pulled the turkey out of the oven. It looks and smells pretty good. I've got the dressing ready to go in the oven. Potatoes are peeled and ready to cook (yes, this is the day we eat mostly starch and protein). Table is set. Tea is made. All the cleaning is done. If we drop something on the floor, we might actually be able to use the five second rule. I made pumpkin pie for L. Mom and Dad are bringing pies. J and B are bringing drinks (if they want anything other than tea, milk, or water). Football is on TV. I also have peas and carrots and rolls ready to go, but it's too early to start cooking them right now. Everyone should be here in an hour or so.

I'm going to put my feet up and relax for a few minutes before they get here.

Today I'm thankful for so many things, I don't even think I could list them all here. But I'm listing them in my heart.

Peace and best wishes to all.

Neapolitan ice cream hat

Lady G has stolen pretty much every hat I've made. I shouldn't complain because she does actually wear them a lot. But I wanted one of my own. I got this gorgeous, wonderfully soft MadTosh ASAP yarn and whipped this hat up in a couple of days. I'd have done it faster but got two thirds of it done and realized I was knitting as if ASAP was bulky rather than super bulky. (It is *definitely* super bulky.) I ripped all the way back and started over. I love the finished product. Especially because I found this cheapo acrylic in the perfect color(s) for the tassels.

I had Lady G model it for me, and now I'm pretty sure she's going to take this one too. Honestly, it does look way cuter on her than on me.



Convertible mittens


I made the right mitten a year or more ago then got bored with it and threw it in the closet. My hands were freezing last week, and I remembered I had a pair of mittens half done, so I made the second one while watching football on Saturday. Now my hands will be warm. And I can flip the tops and use my phone (assuming my daughter doesn't steal them).



Yesterday, I started reading Lila by Marilynne Robinson. She is probably my favorite writer, fiction or non-fiction. She's brilliant and I think sees the world in the way I wish I were always able to see it. Lila is its own book, but the characters are the same ones from Robinson's Pulitzer-prize-winning Gilead. That's my favorite book ever. Even more so than The Narnia Chronicles (which I love dearly).

I love this book too. I love Lila the character. And I still love Reverend Ames. As I was reading tonight, I had tears in my eyes. The story is just so beautiful. So full of longing and fear and grace and loneliness and love. It breaks my heart and makes me joyful all at the same time. I know I'll probably finish it tomorrow. And then, I think I will pick it right back up and read it straight through again. And then reread Gilead.

I am going to put a rather long quote from the book here. If you'd like to just discover it yourself, stop reading now and go find a copy of the book.

"Thinking about hell doesn't help me live the way I should. I believe this is true for most people. And thinking that other people might go to hell just feels evil to me, like a very grave sin. So I don't want to encourage anyone else to think that way. Even if you don't assume that you can know in individual cases, it's still a problem to think about people in general as if they might go to hell. You can't see the world the way you ought to if you let yourself do that. Any judgment of the kind is a great presumption. And presumption is a very grave sin. I believe this is sound theology, in its way."

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